Best Note Taking Apps


Out of all the apps that I tested out, Evernote is the best! The range of features and usage is beyond all apps in this field. Let’s look at how this app can help you get more organized.

Features and Uses:

  1. Evernote presents a rather simplistic user interface which makes it suitable for novice users. It also sports formatting features similar to Microsoft Word. These include bold, font size, bullet lists, tables, spell check and the find and replace tool.
  2. Each note can be saved in a notebook. A notebook is essentially a folder which can hold various notes that are related. In addition, notes can be given various tags to make it easier to sort through. This means a notebook could be created for each subject you do (e.g. Biology) and then each note within it can be tagged with the topic (e.g. The Circulatory System) that it is related to. These notes can then be shared with a friend or vice versa.
  3. A google account can also be connected to Evernote. The user would then be able to attach files in his google drive into a note. In addition, hyperlinks and local files can be attached.
  4. If you are a Computer Science or Information Technology Student then the code block feature could come in handy. Evernote could also create to-do or homework lists as check-boxes can be inserted.
  5. Meeting notes can be created. These are notes linked with your google calendar
    What is it available on?

Evernote is very versatile. It therefore follows that you can access the app from your phone, tablet, laptop or the online web version. If you use it in a browser, then you have the ability to use the web clipper add-on which allows webpages to be saved as notes.


There is a free version which I find to be practical and very useful. However, Evernote Plus can be purchased for USD 2.92 per month or Evernote Premium for USD 5.83 per month. I found the present mode in the premium version useful as you can display your notes like a presentation. You can also annotate PDFs and scan business cards from Evernote. With the free account each user gets 60MB per month of file uploads and the maximum size of a note is 25MB. That means that it would not be suitable for uploading videos but could work for pictures and voice clips.


I did not like that a user cannot delete tags from notes while within the notes window. Instead the user has to go into the tags screen and delete a tag. This means that you cannot remove a tag from a note, you can only remove the tag itself.

Best Note Taking App Runner Up

Google Keep

You probably know Gmail, Google Playstore and Google Drive but the most unknown of them all is Google Keep. Though I use it instead of Evernote, I can admit that it has less features and customizations therefore it is the runner up for the Best Note Taking App. Evernote had more functionality, however Google Keep is still able to hold its own.

Features and Use:

  1. Google Keep operates a lot like a virtual sticky notes board. Each note that you create comes up as a rectangle in the interface. You have the option of making a note or a list. In a list, each note has a checkbox and the user can then check or uncheck items. This is good for homework lists.
  2. Pictures can be inserted. Google Keep also allows the user to do drawings and add them to a note.
  3. Each note can be given a colour to help organize notes better.
  4. A note can be converted to a google doc which then has even more functionalities built in. I found this feature to be very useful as I can develop a quick outline into a detailed document quite quickly.

What is it available on?

The Google Keep app can go on any smart devices. However for laptops you would have to access through the browser.


Google Keep is completely FREE. There is no payment or hidden fee.


Although the notes can be labelled, the notes still seem a bit disorganized when on the main screen. I would use this app more for homework lists or sketching idea really quickly as opposed to making notes for classes.

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