From Paycheck to Paycheck

(Danielle Mullings & Raquel Seville)

If you examine many professionals in today’s society, you will find that they are stuck in a perpetual loop of earning money and then spending it to pay the bills without much time for fun, enjoyment or development of a unique passion. This is a miserable way of living in which we slave away to build another person’s dream whilst forgetting ours – most would not do this if they had the choice.

Simply put, this is a life of fear that keeps you in an unsettling game of limbo.

What you need to first assess is what are you fearing more than losing your dreams? Here are some suggestions:

Fear of failure
Fear of losing your home
Fear of not being able to provide for your kids
Fear of not having electricity and water
Et cetera et cetera … the list goes on

Now to be clear, these are all completely rational fears but we have to start finding ways and means of satiating them without costing ourselves our happiness and dreams.

My Women  in ICT mentor, Raquel Seville, and I believe that we are all here for a unique purpose though society structures our lives to have a similar path whether it be through typical desk jobs or schooling. In other words, we are all packaged very similarly because societies are designed to assimilate each new born into the cultural norms and values. This type of structure makes some of us feel like a hamster on a wheel, constantly running to no end resulting in strains on our creativity and drive.

Think about it… You, your parents and everyone else you know are all in a cycle of paying the mortgage, the light bill, the water bill etc. Is this living from paycheck to paycheck satisfying given that we have a very limited time here on earth?
Though the packaging may be similar, the content of the package is vastly different and so we must seek to capitalize on what it is that is unique to us. We need to spend more time pursing the passions and concepts that intrigue us.

So young people, take the time to explore the world around you. Develop your own understanding and wants in order to align with your purpose and path. Financial responsibility is a major trap that may cost you your dreams. Balance the finance of tomorrow with the fulfillment of a lifetime.

Dusk to dusk, not paycheck to paycheck.

2 thoughts on “From Paycheck to Paycheck

  1. Wow. This is so true. I mean many people don’t understand these things until is pointed out to them . I’m glad you are telling us that its time we broke out of the cultural norms and decide to take hold of what we beleive we are meant for rather than live like everyone else in society , from paycheck to paycheck, becuase we are “Financialy trapping ourselves” for these norms.

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