Caribbean or European? : Politics

In part one we dealt with the impact of sports on the current Caribbean lifestyle.

For part two we will assess how our history of colonization has impacted our political systems.

The European cultural institution of politics has had a lasting impact on the Caribbean. Before independence, many Caribbean countries were colonized and are still colonized by European powers to this day. As a result, many are under the same political systems and so continue to be impacted by European politics.

In Caribbean countries that are no longer colonized, many have adopted European systems of government. Though the countries sought to achieve political freedom by being independent of the colonizing power, the political, legal and judicial systems are still based on the colonizing power’s customs to this day. Variants of the British Westminister system and the rule of law are used in many Caribbean countries like Jamaica. The electoral process used by Jamaica is also very similar to the British as the ruling party is selected by virtue of the party winning the most seats in the election. The presence of the Privy Council as the last resort for judicial matters and a governor general is also a lasting impact of the European cultural institution. It may also display a higher regard for the British political system.

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